Finding Strongly Connected Component

What is a strongly connected component?

A strongly connected component or SCC of a directed graph is a maximal set of vertices’s in which there is a path from any one vertex to any other vertex in the set. Or in other words it is a maximal strongly connected subgraph.

Finding strongly connected components is a simple application of Depth First Search in Directed graphs.
For example there are 3 SCC in the given graph

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My first post :)

This is my first post to this blog which I wanted to create from quite a long time, but could not create as I was busy with stuff.
I have created this blog because I would like to share all that computer science and tech stuff I programmed or developed with all of you.

From past 1 and half year, I have been doing competitive programming on various sites like SPOJ, Codechef, Codeforces, Topcoder. I don’t have a good rating at all these sites,, because I never cared for one and always endeavored to consolidate solving the easy problems with different approaches, which restricted my learning process and hence the possibility of improvements at these sites.

I have a deep love for Open Source <3. My github goes here: